50 Fall Wedding Dresses Under $50

Wedding season does NOT end after Spring/Summer. As evidenced by: multiple save-the-date magnets for October on my refrigerator.

Fall is a beautiful time of year to get married! But unfortunately that tropical print/floral sun dress you wore to your friend’s beach wedding in July does not transition well to a chilly October night wedding. Sorry sis, it’s time to go shopping! (I’m not that sorry though)

Weddings are heavily photographed occasions and it is also red wine spillage season! So basically we don’t want to spend lots of money on something that A. we’ve been tagged in over 20 times on all of our college friends’ Instagrams (like thanks I can never wear this again now), and B. something that we may end up spilling that red wine/champagne/pigs in a blanket grease on anyway!

But we also wanna look cute. The struggle.

But I got you girl! Below I have listed 50 Fall wedding appropriate dresses under $50. Yupppp you read that right. If you don’t find the perfect Fall wedding dress in this list, then looks like we can’t be friends! Just kidding, shoot me a DM on Insta and I will totally hunt one down for you! Find me here @champagnetaste_blog !

Don’t have a wedding this Fall but still super excited about alllll the Fall fashion? Check out my blog post here on my Fall 2019 trend predictions/ must haves for the season!

50 Fall Wedding Dresses (and some jumpsuits) Under $50

Happy Shopping!!


Fall 2019 Trends I'm Super Excited About

Yes, it’s hotter than hell outside these days and the idea of wearing a sweater and boots is actually torture, BUT, somehow, everyyyy year around mid-August (okay honestly usually even sooner) I start thinking about FALL FASHION.

I don’t know if it’s wanting to be prepared, or wanting what I can’t have, or a mix of both. But it’s a disease I cannot cure. So for those of you also infected with Fall fever and dreaming of trading in your poolside piña colada for a pumpkin spice latte, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some things I think will be trending that I am SUPER excited about. This is definitely not a comprehensive list—I’m not a fortune teller! But I think it’s a fun list for some things to expect on your Pinterest and Instagram feed this Fall season 2019!

Midi Skirts

I am SO excited to rock alllll the midi skirts this Fall! I feel like it’s something you can buy at the beginning of the season and wear with a tank or cute graphic tee, and then later on in the season pair with a sweater! Pleated ones are especially popular, as are floral patterns and polka dots! Pair it with some booties and a hat, and you are ready to hit the pumpkin patch in style, girlfriend.

Felt Fedora Hats

I am easing into the whole wearing a hat thing! I have never been a huge hat person, but for these I will make an exception. I love that if you buy a neutral one it will literally go with everything, and I am also way more into protecting my skin from the sun (especially my face, thanks melasma!). You don’t need to break the bank and go buy a Lack of Color hat for over $100 either. There are plentyyyy of cute and affordable ones out there!

Long-line Cardigans

Ok so this is a DUH, but it’s clear from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that the long-line cardigan trend isn’t going anywhere. Especially after the Spring and Summer of the kimono, we are definitely into this look, but like, a warmer version. Cardigans are basically the winter kimono. Color block, animal print, and chunky knits are definitely fan favorites and SO cute to rock with some jeans and a cami! SO many trendy and fun ones, and you definitely don’t have to break the bank.

Flare Jeans

I am BEYOND pumped that these are back in style. They’re just so fun, give you a little extra shape, and I just think they pair SO well with a cropped sweater! Cannot wait to rock these when the temps finally drop! Even found a high rated pair on Amazon that I’m considering buying!

Plaid everything

Ok another obvious one, but it really is extending way beyond your average flannel shirt. Plaid skirts, plaid jumper dresses. plaid blazers and coats, etc! I am sensing a bit of a preppy/Gossip Girl resurgence this season and I am not at all mad about it!

Twist/Knot Headbands

Clearly these were trending this summer, but now I’m seeing allll the fun Fall toned ones! Definitely do not spend a lot of money for this look it’s everywhereee (especially on Amazon) and for super cheap! AND they always come in a pack so you can get one to match every cute Fall outfit this season!

Snakeskin Boots and Mules

Snakeskin is THE print of 2019 and it is not going away for Fall! It’s such a fun neutral, so makes for the perfect print for boots and shoes! So many cute ones, and no you don’t have to buy the expensive pair! Plenty of cheap, cute pairs out there!

So that is my little roundup/trend prediction for this Fall! What other trends are you excited about ?? Let me know in the comments! Or DM me at @champagnetaste_blog on Instagram!