Easy, Simple, and Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas for the Girl Who is Just "Here for the Boos"


Title kind of says it all. Got invited to a Halloween party and want an easy, simple, and cheap (but cute!) costume? Look no further. You came to the right place.

Maybe you got dragged to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating with whatever children are in your life (your kids, your friends’s kids, your niece/nephew etc) and you know you have to make some sort of effort otherwise there’s always that idiot in the crowd that’s going to make a big stink about how you have no holiday spirit. Like excuse me Kevin, nobody asked you. And you look ridiculous dressed as a giant banana.

Thinking of a Halloween costume when you’re not super into Halloween is…. HARD. When I initially set out to write this blog post, I was like man I am so clever I can think of a ton of Halloween costumes that are super clever and original but super cheap and easy!

I was wrong.

HOWEVER. The geniuses that exist in the world on Pinterest pretty much have already done that for me. SO I have a nice curated Pinterest board for the girl who wants to really get creative and have a stand out costume (these range from like super simple to taking some effort)

Check out my Halloween costume inspo Pinterest board here!

Or if you fall under the “I really don’t care” category and you just need any old cheap costume or you need something last minute, or you’re just looking to throw on a halloween graphic tee and call it a day—Girl, I feel you, I am here for you, and I have alllll the easy/low maintenance and (some) very Prime-able cute costumes for you to rock this Halloween!

Here are some fun finds all under $30 that are costumes or fun graphic tees you can rock for minimal effort and minimal money spent:

Hope this helps you if you are just tryna get through this Halloween season lookin cute, and saving your money for the next holiday season: Christmas!!!!

Happy Shopping!


Cute and Affordable iPhone Cases and Laptop Skins

Cute AND affordable iPhone cases and laptop skins?? Yes please!!

I have partnered with CaseApp to give you just that! They have a wide array of insanely cute phone cases and laptop skins to choose from! OR you can create your own design for a custom iPhone case or laptop skin that truly speaks to you and shows off your creativity!


I am not nearly talented enough to create my own custom case, so I opted for one of their MANY fun designs they have on their site. Seriously it took me awhile to choose because: A. One of my character flaws is that I am super indecisive and B. THEY’RE ALL SO CUTE !

It was about as hard as trying to decide what to order at Cheesecake Factory. Everything sounds so good, and you know you can’t go wrong, but like everyone at the table is getting hangry so you better choose SOMETHING.

So I made my choice and I was not disappointed! (We’re back to talking about phone cases and laptop skins now, not chain restaurant menus, keep up)


If you follow me on the blog or on my instagram, you KNOW I am all about leopard print! This leopard iphone case is SO cute and neutral and came just in time because my old phone case had colorful pineapples all over it and felt very “summer”, and while it’s fun to do a seasonal one, I figured I better stick to a case that could transcend all seasons. However I am tempted to go back and order one of their seasonal ones for the Fall or Holiday season! Check these super cute ones out below! (you can use their drop down menu to select the type of phone you have!)

The laptop skin I chose just spoke to me! It’s fun, girly, neutral enough and who doesn’t love a good peace sign? It’s a top 10 basic fashion blogger pose you guys, how could I not?? They had sooo many cute options and a lot of them you can actually match exactly to your phone! Was loving these fun options below! (you can use their drop down menu to select the type/model of laptop you have!)

For real though, I couldn’t do life and definitely not blogging without my phone and my laptop! And I am super happy that we live in a world where not only do we get to express ourselves on social media and through our outfits and clothes, but now also through what type of cases we put on our phones and laptops!

It’s kind of crazy that you can tell a lot about a person by something as simple as them having the word “feminist” on their phone or laptop case, or a custom case with a picture of their dog or kids on it! Art, creativity, and the freedom to express yourself and connect with people is everywhere today, so embrace it and express yo self!

Also, let’s be real, I love saving you money! So if you use the code CHAMPAGNETASTE20 (expires 10/31) you can order your case for 20% off!

Check out CaseApp here!

Happy shopping!